Construction Accidents Result In Many Workplace Deaths In Massachusetts

The construction industry is one of the U.S.’s most dangerous jobs, accounting for many serious workplace injuries and fatalities across the country. Every day, countless construction workers risk their lives building, improving or maintaining structures that most people take for granted. Although there have been many improvements to workplace safety over the years, the construction […]

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Children May Be At Increased Risk Of Being Hit By Cars Over The Summer

Some people in Massachusetts may believe that now that summer is out, there are fewer chances for children to be hit by cars. Now that they’re not walking, catching a bus or riding their bikes or skateboards to school, kids aren’t likely to be found on sidewalks or crossing the street. Unfortunately, this assumption isn’t […]

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Car-Bike Accidents A Problem In Some Parts Of Massachusetts

Many bicyclists are aware of how dangerous sharing the road with automobiles can be. Bikers lack the speed of motorized vehicles, as well as the protection than an enclosed vehicle offers. Because bicyclists are less visible on the roads than automobiles, drivers often do not see cyclists and cause car-bike crashes. A fatal collision between a […]

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Suit Calls Double-Booked Surgeries At MGH Risky

Orthopedic surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital repeatedly kept patients waiting under anesthesia longer – sometimes more than an hour longer – than was medically necessary or safe, as they juggled two or even three simultaneous operations, according to a federal lawsuit that alleges frequent billing fraud at the prestigious hospital. Dr. Lisa Wollman, a former […]

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