Medical malpractice lawyers in Hingham MA

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Hingham MA

Medical malpractice can happen during surgery, in case of failure to diagnose or in other forms of treatment and can lead to serious harm and even death. Cases of this kind can be quite complicated and challenging. It’s much more realistic to tackle them with a team of experienced attorneys on your side.

The paperwork load and legal negotiations can be too taxing for the victim who has to deal with the immediate consequences of medical malpractice. Hiring an attorney will alleviate a big part of that burden off your shoulders.

Medical malpractice is a specific subset of tort law that deals with professional negligence. “Tort” is the Norman word for “wrong,” and tort law is a body of law that creates and provides remedies for civil wrongs that are distinct from contractual duties or criminal wrongs [24]. “Negligence” is generally defined as conduct that falls short of a standard; the most commonly used standard in tort law is that of a so-called “reasonable person.” The reasonable person standard is a legal fiction, created so the law can have a reference standard of reasoned conduct that a person in similar circumstances would do, or not do, in order to protect another person from a foreseeable risk of harm.

How is medical malpractice different from negligence?

When a medical provider’s actions or inactions fail to meet the medical standard of care, their behavior constitutes medical negligence. If their medical negligence causes their patient to suffer an injury, it becomes medical malpractice

Are doctors protected from malpractice allegations?

Doctors generally carry medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves in case of medical negligence or unintentional injury.

Even if a doctor is proven to have committed medical malpractice, they are unlikely to lose their license based on that one instance alone. However, they can be suspended, experience practice limitations, or have their licenses revoked in severe cases.

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