Medical malpractice lawyers in Southborough MA

Medical malpractice lawyers in Southborough MA

Medical malpractice lawsuits are pretty common in our country. Most of the cases are settled without ever reaching a courtroom, with lawyers representing both parties negotiating the size of compensation. Depending on many variables, compensation for medical malpractice claim can reach millions of dollars. That compensation can play an essential role in providing safety and stability for the injured party, during the time they need to take to heal, both physically and emotionally. Choosing an experienced lawyer betters your chances at succeeding in receiving a higher compensation, since a specialized professional can negotiate on your behalf.

How do you prove misdiagnosis?

A patient trying to prove misdiagnosis must show that a different doctor in the similar specialty wouldn’t have misdiagnosed that illness or injury. The victim will have to prove that the doctor did not include the correct diagnosis on the medical exam paperwork and that a competent doctor would have included it.

If you were misdiagnosed and suffered harm as a result, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek appropriate care. This is crucial both for your own health and for the strength of your claim. If you avoid medical care, and it results in your condition getting worse, your misdiagnosis case will have a very weak foundation, if any.

Is medical malpractice considered to be a criminal act?

Negligence arising from medical acts may result in a civil action by the injured party or a criminal prosecution by the state. Medical negligence is proved if all components of the three-part test are established on the balance of probabilities (civil suit) or beyond reasonable doubt (criminal prosecution).

How long does a medical negligence claim take?

The time a medical negligence claim takes to settle can vary significantly, simple cases where liability is admitted can be settled within a year. More complex, high value cases can take longer than that.

Ask an attorney

A lawyer will help you make sure your claim contains all the elements necessary to build a successful case, and help you receive the monetary compensation for your suffering. Attorneys Sbrogna, Brunelle & Donius are highly qualified medical malpractice attorneys with over 100 years of combined experience.

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