Medical malpractice lawyers in Westborough MA

Medical malpractice lawyers in Westborough MA

Malpractice claims have an extensive financial, psychological and social effects on victims and healthcare providers at every level. Loss of key staff members and the negative publicity associated with malpractice suits can do untold damage to a hospital or medical clinic.
And yet, even if a doctor is proven to have committed medical malpractice, they are unlikely to lose their license based on that one instance alone. Doctors can still be suspended, experience practice limitations, or have their licenses revoked if an investigation finds that they are a threat to society.

Can you get compensation for wrong diagnosis?

If you have been given a misdiagnosis which has caused you harm, you may be eligible to claim compensation for medical negligence. The most common type of medical misdiagnosis is for an illness or injury way less serious, than the real situation, which caused a delay in treatment.

What elements must be present for malpractice lawsuit to be considered?

Your lawyer must prove the four elements of negligence:

  • duty
  • breach
  • injury
  • proximate causation

How do you prove misdiagnosis?

A patient trying to prove misdiagnosis must show that a different doctor in the similar specialty wouldn’t have misdiagnosed that illness or injury. The victim will have to prove that the doctor did not include the correct diagnosis on the medical exam paperwork and that a competent doctor would have included it.

How long does a medical negligence claim take?

The time a medical negligence claim can take to settle can vary significantly, simple cases where liability is admitted can be settled within a year. More complex cases can take longer.

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