Pursuing Compensation For Emergency Room Errors

Negligent errors such as misdiagnosis and failing to treat an underlying condition can lead to life-altering complications in emergency rooms. Pursuing a claim for medical malpractice for an ER error is not easy. It requires knowledge of the underlying medical terminology as well as the ability to gather the facts necessary to identify the negligent parties and hold them accountable.

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Understanding The Dangers Of ER Negligence

Through their 100 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers have built a track record of success with record-setting recoveries. They are skilled fact-finders who use aggressive and effective legal tactics and strategies to advocate for victims and their families in Massachusetts.

When representing a client on a malpractice case about emergency room mistakes, our lawyers move quickly to investigate, gather evidence and identify all responsible parties.

Emergency room negligence can be deadly, such as when a hospital or doctor fails to diagnose a heart attack, impending stroke, aneurysm or serious infection such as meningitis. Even missing a broken bone can result in long-term problems requiring extensive medical care. Additional common injuries due to negligence in an emergency room include:

  • Brain damage as a result of failed intubation
  • Suicide after reporting mental distress
  • Birth injuries from the improper use of forceps resulting in cerebral palsy

Emergency rooms can also be liable for turning people away who cannot afford to pay for medical treatment. Federal law requires any emergency room that receives federal funds to provide enough care to stabilize a patient.

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