Medical “never events” and how they happen

Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) are highly-educated and well-trained to provide you with a certain standard of care.

When they follow specific technical procedures, you have a higher chance of recovery.Can A Bedsore Lead To Death? Massachusetts Nursing Neglect

Things that should never happen in a healthcare facility

When healthcare professionals abandon protocol, their actions could lead to unnecessary pain and suffering of patients. The following circumstances are particularly egregious and should never happen during your care in a healthcare setting:

  • Failure to read and interpret lab results
  • Defective medical equipment and devices
  • Prescription medication and dosage errors
  • Wrong-site or wrong-procedure surgeries
  • Injury to mom or baby during a low-risk childbirth
  • Physical and sexual assault by a medical professional

The reason never events occur

There are different types of never events, but the very fact that they happen at all is likely proof of medical negligence. When healthcare workers fail to be attentive and communicative, patients suffer. Whether it is a chart mix-up, early discharge or supervision error, careless disregard for patient safety leads to devastating and avoidable consequences.

Entitlements for victims of medical negligence

Medical mistakes can lead to severe long-term penalties for victims. You may have chronic physical or emotional pain that requires extensive rehab or therapy. You may become disabled and unable to work. You deserve compensation for medical expenses and lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

When you suffer from an injury or illness due to medical malpractice (Medical never events), your trust in the healthcare community can collapse, leading to confusion and insecurity about your health and wellness. You deserve a caring, competent and responsible healthcare team to manage your medical needs.

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