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At Sbrogna, Brunelle & Donius, LLP, our Worcester amputation attorneys represent Massachusetts residents who have suffered serious injuries following a variety of accidents caused by negligence. Permanent physical damage often takes the form of amputation. Whether a limb was lost during an accident or one had to be removed later as a result of the injuries suffered, the impact on a thriving career and active personal life can be devastating.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries that led to an amputation, take action to protect your rights and maximize the compensation you are entitled to with a personal injury claim. Complete our contact form or call us at 508-809-7555 to arrange a free consultation.

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The attorneys at Sbrogna, Brunelle & Donius, LLP, have made a difference in the lives of their clients. They bring that dedication and compassion to those suffering amputations and loss of limb following:

Life is forever changed when a personal injury victim is permanently disabled. Special accommodations may be necessary in a family home. A wheelchair may become a requirement in the life of the amputee. Careers are ended, depending on the profession. While we believe all of our clients can overcome the obstacles they now face, short- and long-term needs require monetary damages.

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