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In most sporting events, the benefits outweigh the risks. The opportunity to stay active and engage in competition is considered healthy. However, when negligence becomes an issue during a sporting activity, victims become seriously injured. They require not only medical attention, but also legal representation in holding the negligent party accountable.

The Worcester sports injury lawyers at Sbrogna, Brunelle & Donius, LLP, focus on compassionate, hands-on advocacy for clients suffering life-changing brain damage, spinal cord injuries, burns and amputations following any personal injury or accident during a sporting event.

If you or your child has been injured in an accident involving negligent parties or defective sports equipment, please complete our contact form or call us at 508-809-7555. We can help.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Defective Equipment

For accident victims and families grieving the death of a loved one, we provide the following:

  • Combined 100 years of experience
  • Aggressive and effective legal tactics and strategies in advocating for the injured
  • Track record of record-setting recoveries

Trampolines and swimming pools in backyards are common fixtures in neighborhoods. Children are attracted to them, not realizing the dangers. A poorly designed and manufactured trampoline or swimming pool puts children at risk of serious injury.

Football and lacrosse players and other enthusiasts of contact sports know that impact and pain are part of the game. Yet, when equipment — specifically helmets — fails to protect them, a budding football or lacrosse career comes to an end, and life is forever changed.

Attorney Ralph Sbrogna has taken on the manufacturers of defective football, motorcycle and lacrosse helmets, and other sports equipment. He and partners Roger J. Brunelle and Kevin Donius remain committed to holding manufacturers accountable for their negligence.

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