Personal injury lawyers in Westborough MA

Personal Injury Lawyers in Westborough MA

Have you or a loved one been in an accident that resulted in an injury? It’s important to make sure that you are protected by a professional team of attorneys who know what they are doing.

Find out if you are eligible for compensation of lost wages, medical expenses, or emotional distress. An attorney will help you navigate through any nuances of the legal process and ensure that you receive all the benefits you possibly can.

An injury can severely impact a person’s life, affecting their day-to-day, their ability to work, or live according to their habits. Family members or other dependents can be negatively impacted, too. It’s essential to be able to have a professional attorney work on your behalf to minimize the toll the accident might’ve taken on you.

What is the definition of damages?

Damages are monetary compensation for the done to a victim by an at-fault party. When it is proven that a person or a company was negligent, and it resulted in a physical or emotional personal injury, the victim can be eligible for compensation.

What types of damages are there?

There two types of damages that are usually being calculated. They are:

Special Damages.  This refers to losses that can be objectively assessed and then awarded to an injured party. Special damages are for tangible losses, such as wage loss, nursing care, and medical expenses.

General Damages. Often called “pain and suffering,” this type of damages are intended to compensate you for non-monetary injuries you experience, such as pain, anxiety, and other suffering you have to endure because of your injury.

Punitive damages are legal recompense that a guilty party is ordered to pay on top of compensatory damages. They are awarded by a court not to compensate injured victims but to punish defendants whose conduct is found to be grossly negligent or intentional.

How are damages calculated in court?

The amount of money awarded to the victim is based on the proven harm, loss, or injury suffered. This excludes punitive damages, which may be awarded when the defendant’s actions are especially reckless or malicious.

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