Potential cancer signs you can’t ignore

Early treatment is massively beneficial with cancer of almost any type. That’s why early detection of potential cancer signs can save lives.

Unfortunately, you cannot always count on your doctor to do this for you. Doctors make mistakes, overlook issues, decide that a clear case of cancer is something else entirely and make misdiagnosis errors that can put your life at risk. You need to know what signs to watch out for.

It should be noted that cancer can be confused with other skin ailments. Plenty of people have assumed they had a rash, for instance, only to find out it is skin cancer. But knowing what signs and cancer symptoms to watch out for can absolutely help you get the process started. A few such signs include:

  • Finding any new lump or growth. It may just be a cyst, a wart or something equally unremarkable, but it is worth having it looked at.
  • Losing weight without trying. Don’t just assume that you’re lucky. If you haven’t changed your diet or exercise patterns, but you’re losing weight anyway, you need to ask yourself why.
  • Having skin sores and other such issues that do not heal. Don’t overreact to something instantly, but keep an eye on it. Anything that won’t heal for weeks on end could be problematic.
  • Feeling exhausting or weary all the time. As with weight loss, you need to be most wary when nothing else in your life has changed — like your work schedule — but you feel different.
  • Finding blood where you don’t expect it. Many people with lung cancer wind up coughing up blood, for instance, while others with different types of cancer may find it in stool or urine. If it persists, it’s time to see a doctor.

So, say that you do see these potential cancer signs, you do go to the doctor, and that doctor still makes a mistake and a misdiagnosis. Now what can you do? With so much on the line, it is important for you to understand all of the legal options that you have.

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