Was That Medical Mistake Actually Negligence?

The treatment did not end as you hoped. In fact, you now have other issues that stem from something you believed was safe and beneficial. Is the doctor on the hook?

Missteps during treatment may result in lingering medical issues. If your doctor does not answer when you question the result, the reluctance may point to medical negligence. Discover what qualifies as negligence and consider speaking to a malpractice attorney for further guidance.Was That Medical Mistake Actually Negligence?

What is negligence?

Doctors are human and prone to make occasional mistakes. However, there is a difference between misstep and malpractice. To qualify as malpractice, the error should prove preventable had the doctor chosen a standard course of action. If your injury is due to a doctor who did not take the appropriate steps to follow the standard of care, it may qualify as malpractice.

What are examples of medical negligence?

Unfortunately, negligence is present in every facet of medical care. Hospitals that do not monitor how staff members adhere to cleaning guidelines may face a negligence claim should a patient become ill. Doctors who operate and leave instruments inside a patient may have to answer for the mistake in court. Some other common examples of medical negligence include:

  • Missed diagnosis when a doctor ignores a patient’s complaints or fails to follow through with testing
  • Delayed treatment due to a misdiagnosis
  • Administered the wrong medication causing an adverse reaction
  • Operated on the wrong body part due to a charting error

A medical mistake may prove detrimental to your continued health and well-being. If you suspect that a doctor was negligent at any point in your treatment, you may wish to pursue a relevant course of action. For answers to the question, Was that medical mistake actually negligence? Contact us Today at 508-809-7555.

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